Your friendly neighborhood skywriting project

A project of the Social Practice Lab at the Asian Arts Initiative



Inspired by input from a diverse range of community members, Write Sky is your friendly neighborhood skywriting project, by Philadelphia artist Dave Kyu. Working with the artist, five neighborhood groups who responded to the Call for Participants have determined uncommon messages to imprint into the common sky above their Philadelphia neighborhood known as: Callowhill, Chinatown North, The Eraserhood, The Loft District, and Trestletown.

The Project

For this project, community stakeholders were asked what phrase they would write in their neighborhood sky. Through an application process, five neighborhood groups were selected to collaborate on three final messages. To learn more about all five participating groups, please visit The Participants page.

The Date

Write Sky wrote three messages over the City of Philadelphia on Sunday September 14.

Write Sky was written 1 mile East of Center City Philadelphia, and was visible for up to 15 miles in all directions, from West Philadelphia to Cherry Hill, NJ. All Instagram photos tagged with the #writesky hashtag appeared on the photos page at


The Process

After the five final groups are selected, the process to commission the sky-typed phrases began with a series of informal get-togethers, open-houses, and potluck dinners amongst all the participants. Next, everyone was given an orientation on skywriting, both as a technology and as an aesthetic medium. Finally, each of the five groups met with their partner group, assigned by Dave Kyu according to similarities from the original four-question application, where they were given the task of commissioning the final phrase (or drawing) that would grace their neighborhood sky.

Special Thanks

Write Sky is a project of the Social Practice Lab of the Asian Arts Initiative (AAI). The residency asked its 7 artists/artist teams to work with residents and neighborhood organizations to explore and enliven their neighborhood of Chinatown North.  Visit the Social Practice Lab page to learn more about the residency, and about the six other artist-teams that also pursued social practice projects.

Write Sky is only possible with the dedicated moral & fiscal support from the Asian Arts Initiative, and with additional support from ArtPlace, and the Nathan Cummings Foundation. Thank you!

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