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Un-Save the Date

Given the forecast of rain & clouds for Saturday, #WriteSky is postponed due to weather. On top of that, someone

Message 3 – 319 Artists & Hive76

The 3rd & final message is brought to you by a collaboration between artists from the 319 North 11th Street Galleries,

How and when will we know if we can skywrite?

The perfect day for skywriting is very particular. Primarily, we’re looking for it to be nice sunny day. After that, it gets

Message 2 – FACTS & Roman Catholic

The second #WriteSky message is a collaboration between Folk Arts-Cultural Treasures Charter School and Roman Catholic High School. Their message pertains to the state of

Message 1 – Friends of the Rail Park

Counting down to May 10, let’s sneak a peek at the messages, and the groups that crafted them. Bringing you

Save the Date, May 10

We’ve picked a date! #WriteSky will imprint the uncommon messages of five neighborhood groups into their common sky on Saturday,

Recent Skywriting

Thus far in 2014, we’ve had four new skywriting works. Ok, well half of them have been from Shia LaBeouf, continuing