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25 Characters at 10,000 feet – what would everyone else say?

I had the chance to set up a Write Sky display as part of the City Employee 2014 Exhibition at City Hall. I

Lena Dunham thinks we’re sociopaths

So Lena Dunham did not specifically say, you, Dave Kyu, are a sociopath, or that you, participants of Write Sky,

Hive 76 Dis-member

On Wednesday, December 4th, I officially became a Hive76 dis-member. Being a “dis-member” allows me to use the space when

New Skybrary Entries

We’re two months after I thought I would be the first-ever artist to do a skywriting project, and I’m continuing

Conversations as Art at Temple Contemporary

On Tuesday, October 8, I was invited to speak about the use of conversation in my art practice at Temple

Pearl Street Block Party

In order to keep everyone updated as we wait for the return of skywriting season, I’ve decided to keep a


The Joy of Cloudspotting – 10 Incredible Visions in Clouds
Only slightly off-topic, check out this TED photo gallery of cloud images shared by the Cloud Appreciation Society, and its founder, Gavin Pretor-Pinney.