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This last group was interested in using this bold opportunity to convey an intimate message, like one you would receive

“SCIENTIA(knowledge) 正义 (justice) IT TAKES A VILLAGE…”

This message pertains to the state of education in Philadelphia, and the responsibility that we have to our children. The


This message refers to the progress and labor associated with the now 10-year old project to bring a Rail Park

Thank You

Dear Philadelphia, I really wanted to show you something great today. The weather broke just long enough for ‪#‎WriteSky‬ to

Sunday, Sep 14

After now THREE cancellations (Sep 2013, 10 May 2014, 6 Sep 2014), Write Sky will have just one more chance to write

Save the Date – 9/6

After two cancellations, I’d be skeptical of this notice too. That’s why I’m only giving Write Sky just two more chances – on

Un-Save the Date

Given the forecast of rain & clouds for Saturday, #WriteSky is postponed due to weather. On top of that, someone

Message 3 – 319 Artists & Hive76

The 3rd & final message is brought to you by a collaboration between artists from the 319 North 11th Street Galleries,