Message 3 – 319 Artists & Hive76

The 3rd & final message is brought to you by a collaboration between artists from the 319 North 11th Street Galleries, and Hive76 hacker space.


This group was interested in using this bold opportunity to convey an intimate message, like one you would receive in a text message from a close friend. Their message recalls our bodies and our spaces as they withstand and succumb to the march of time.

Jaime Alvarez, Sarah Kate Burgess, and Mary Smull are all independent artists who also have an interest in engaging their surrounding communities through meaningful activities. Jaime is a member of Tiger Strikes Asteroid while Mary is a member of Grizzly Grizzly. Sarah is an independent artist who has deep familiarity with the building and area.

Hive76 is Philadelphia’s hackerspace. They are a group of makers, engineers and artists that share a physical studio at 915 Spring Garden and also interact digitally to share resources. Their battle cry is “Make things awesome, make awesome things!”

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