Write Sky in ArtPlace Announcement

Big news! An image from Write Sky – specifically the image of two Pearl Street Block Party attendees laying down to use the sodded “sky-viewing area” from that day’s events – was featured in ArtPlace America’s announcement of their $14.7 million dollars of creative placemaking grants! It must’ve been from when Jamie Bennett did a site visit and Asian Arts Initiative, and I had a chance to talk about Write Sky to this group. He must’ve liked the project! See below for proof y’all:

ArtPlace America - Announcements (1)

What a big break! What an amazing opportunity! Why yes, I WILL have the lobster! What a huge… oh wait, what’s that? There’s no credit of the artist or the gallery or the project whatsoever anywhere in the body of this email? Oh yeah, you’re right. Hm.

Well, I guess it’s cool that we were included. Thanks ArtPlace.

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